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  1. Magnepan vs Emotiva

    I have come down to purchasing either Magnepan or the Emotiva line of speakers for my media room. I know that Maggies require proper placement and that is where I am most concerned. Three of the four walls are only 55 inches tall. At 55 inches the ceiling goes up 45 degrees to the ceiling...
  2. Hi fi newbie needs help

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Just got a pair of Magnepan 1.7i’s today. What is a good pre/amp matchup for these speakers? I have a 14x14 listening room and a budget of just $4000. Should I go mono or stereo amps? Thank you for your consideration and reply.
  3. Hi-fi newbie needs help

    Howdy folks, I have just purchased a pair of Magnepan 1.7i’s. I have an Emotiva XSP-1 pre. My listening room is 14x14. My allotted monies for upgrading my stereo has diminished further than expected. I had to unexpectedly buy connectors and speaker wires as I simply thought I could use my old...
  4. 12 Things to Consider when Shopping for Speakers

    Shopping for speakers can be overwhelming given the vast variety of designs and enormous range in pricing. It's a good idea to pre-plan prior to starting your search; otherwise, you'll get lost in an ocean of technical terms, performance specifications, and marketing lingo. If you're armed...
  5. Need help deciding on Magnepans, Amp, Sub, and Receiver.

    Hello, I'm long time lurker and new member of the AVS forum. I'm thinking about buying the Magnepan MMG's for my living room that will be a part of a 5.1 surround setup but I have a few questions about them as well as choice of sub, amp, and receiver first. I've done a lot of research on the...
  6. Magnepan MMGC Center Channel Speaker

    Audio Gear
    FS: Magnepan MMGC Center Channel Speaker SOLD Selling my Magnepan MMGC center channel speaker. Received new from Magnepan on May 27, 2015, used for only 4 months at which time I upgraded. Excellent shape, looks and works like new with original shipping box.. SOLD Check out the Magnepan site...
  7. Eminent Technology LFT-8b Hybrid Speakers

    What speaker manufacturer wants to keep their speakers all to themselves? Eminent Technology, that's who. It took me two months from the order day to delivery. There were a lot of emails in between. They were being made for the first month (really, a month?), the second month was spent for...
  8. Magnepan MMG, Audio Setup

    2-Channel Audio
    Hello, I have a set of MMGs with a Klipsch Reference Sub and a NAD C356BEE (80w per Channel into 4ohms) I have them sitting on small wooden cubes raising them about a foot off the ground, which has actually done wonders for the sound, they're sitting about 4 feet from the wall. About 8 feet away...
  9. Mixing Magnepans with Regular Cone Speakers

    Hello. I Have a set of MMG's and a Klipsch Subwoofer and I love the sound thus far its nothing like I've ever experienced. Along with an NAD C356BEE, It sounds great but I was wondering about this because I feel this could either sound amazing or sound like trash lol. I have a Denon Amp and a...
  10. Polk LSiM 705 & Magnepan (Maggies) 2.7 Speakers for Sale

    Audio Gear
    I am selling two pairs of speakers - the Polk LSiM 705s and Magnepan 2.7 for $2,500 (very firm, rock firm!). The Polks are $3,000 MSRP, the Maggies are $1,995 MSRP. The Polks have all boxes and accessories, the Maggies dont. The Polks are 6 months old and are 9 out of 10 (9 only for not being...
  11. Budget used sound on the cheap: B&W DM303 or Magnepan MMGW?

    Help me decide... Found some deals on B&W and Magnepans. So... B&W DM303 or Magnepan MMGW? It's for the two fronts in a 5.1 setup.
  12. magnepan 1.7

    I'm thinking of selling my Def Tech spkr pkg and starting with two Magnepan 1.7's. TV is wall mounted and is about 13 feet from the listening area. What do you think the very minimum distance from the rear wall is going to need to be for the Maggies? I'd like to go only about one foot due to...
  13. The Official Magnepan Owners Thread

    This thread is for discussion of Magnepan speakers. I think there are a lot of owners on the forum but I haven't seen a thread for them. Below are some useful links for owners or those considering Mags. Owner's Manuals Maggie User Group Planar forum at the Asylum Reviews Mye...