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  1. Audio Gear
    Experience exquisitely detailed home cinema with the 11.2 channel 8K UHD AV receiver. Delight in the most musical sound for any source — from home theater, to vinyl, to digital streaming. Whether you’re watching classic film noir or hosting dinner with friends, it’s the perfect sonic...
    $2,500 USD
  2. Sold Sold

    Audio Gear
    $1 USD
  3. AVS Forum® Articles
    Marantz has just introduced its new collection of high-end, simple-to-install AV receivers called the Marantz Cinema Series. This lineup offers the best at-home listening experience for movie and audio enthusiasts. It consists of a flagship immersive preamp/processor, a 16-channel amplifier, and...
  4. Speakers
    Hi AVS community, First time poster here with novice/intermediate knowledge. Are my settings below optimal? What’s everyone doing for their home theatre and music listening setup if using an AVR? Please read below and critique any areas of improvement. Any suggestions for improvement from...
  5. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hi everyone - this is the first time I am going with a Processor and amplifiers so need some help here. It's a new construction with a dedicated room (21'x15') wired for a 9.4.6 setup. I have been searching and looking at different processors and it's confusing - number of channels, options for...
  6. Audio Gear
    Hi all - I am looking for a good deal on a 9.2 receiver, it does not have to be HDMI 2.1 or anything super new just HDCP 2.2 like Denon 4400 or 4500, etc.
    $750 USD
  7. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hi everyone, This is a long shot, but I'm looking to identify an old vintage receiver. I don't have much information. But I believe it is a Marantz because it was very similar to the one in the attached photo. But the main difference is that the tuning roulette was like an horizontal disc that...
  8. Audio Gear
    Marantz AV-8805 13.2-channel AV pre-amp/surround processor. This is in fantastic condition with no cosmetic issues whatsoever. I'm happy to send additional images should anyone request (I posted the max of 10). All original paperwork, accessories, packaging, and box included. I was the original...
    $2,550 USD
  9. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    My current setup is a focal aria 948 5.1 set (with a monolith 15" sub, not a focal sub) Room is about 2700 cubic feet, a large 8,5m x 5m box Listening distance is about 3,5m With my current receiver I'm listening at -10db but go as high as -5db depending on the platform (ie 4k native content is...
  10. For Sale Marantz SR5012

    Audio Gear
    Almost brand new unit. I have it hooked up to my home theatre and with 2 newborns, I've powered it on maybe 5 times in 2 years. Zero heat build up, completely flawless unit.
    $550 USD
  11. Audio Gear
    Over the last 20+ years I've owned many different pre/pros and AVRs. This is my third Marantz AV controller. I started with a 7702 MkII, upgraded to a 7703 and then to this 7704. Never an issue with any of them. I've decided to simplify my setup, so I've moved from separates to an AVR. The 7704...
    $975 USD
  12. For Sale Marantz NR1605

    Audio Gear
    Selling the NR1605, barely used this has honestly been sitting not doing anything for at least 4 years. In great condition overall. Will ship but you would pay for shipping or you can pickup.
    $400 USD
  13. Audio Gear
    arantz 6013 $1,100 Listed a few seconds ago in Alexandria Message Details Condition Used - like new SR6013 AV RECEIVER 9.2 Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver All the details Technical Specifications Multichannel Surround IMAX Enhanced Yes DTS HD Master / DTS:X Yes / Yes DTS Neo:X / DTS...
    $1,100 USD
  14. Speakers
    Would anyone be able to recommend floor-standing speakers for the Marantz PM-66 KI amp, for under £300? Happy to consider second-hand or new. I will be listening to music via Spotify connect (external streamer+dac plugged into the Marantz) and will perhaps later upgrade to Tidal for high rez...
  15. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    This thread covers the following 2018 Denon AVRs: S540BT/S640H/S740H/S940H/X1500H/X2500H/X3500H/X4500H/X6500H The Denon + Marantz Group (ie. D+M Group) USA has started to release information on the new 2018 Denon models starting with the four new "S" series models. The lower "X" series will be...
  16. For Sale Marantz SR7015

    Audio Gear
    Hello, I have BNIB Marantz SR7015 can ship out once paid for Box is pristine will be wrapped and shipped as soon as Payment has been made this Reciever has never been opened and the box is still sealed.
    $2,450 USD
  17. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Looking for solutions to play Hi-Res lossless music on my Home Theater. So, here's what I have. I use Apple Music on Android - S21 Ultra and on my iPad Pro (both these devices have USB-C only). I have Marantz SR7011 (AVR). Apple TV supports Lossless but not Hi-Res. I'd like to know all the...
  18. Want to Buy Marantz NR1200

    Audio Gear
    This seems to be hard to find. Wondering if anyone has got one to sell.
  19. 2-Channel Audio
    I just recently inherited a pair of b&w cm 2's from an uncle who was a huge audiophile. I have looked at reviews online and read up as much as I could in the short period since they arrived at my home. My uncle had a lot of equipment and seemingly picked specific speakers and amps for different...
  20. Audio Gear
    One owner. Smoke free home. Zero issues, just moving to another set up. I have the remote and the calibration microphone. Unfortunately I just threw away the box after I moved to Albuquerque from Clovis but I’m sure I could pack it up nicely and send it. It will be sent FedEx ground and I’m...
    $1,400 USD
1-20 of 359 Results