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  1. Speakers
    So for today, December 28, check out www.woot.com They are selling Mirage OMD-28 floorstanding speakers for around $1800 a pair. They clain these sell for $7,000 a pair! Maybe this deal will be interesting to someone. First of all, does anyone know anything about these? Are they good...
  2. What's Your System Configuration
    My setup as of 2-12-2016. It continues to change. TV-Samsung PN58B550(1080p) Front L/R- Scansonic MB-2.5 Center-MB Center Surround- MB-1 Receiver- Anthem MRX 500 Amps- Emotiva XPA-3, NaimUniti 2 Subs- SVS PC12 PLUS(back) on subdude BD- OPPO 93 Remote- Harmony One Charter Motorola HD DVR Power...
1-2 of 2 Results