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  1. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     It will be replacing a 65" Mitsubishi DLP which has served me well, but it's nearing its final days.    Are there any full-array panels in this size range? What would some of my best options be?    Looking to spend up to 2-3k. I do not need any "smart" features or 3d. 
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hello All, I'm replacing my workhorse Mitsubishi 65" WD-65833 with a new (preferably larger) panel. I'm re-doing my setup and want to wall mount my screen. So I've been looking at a lot of unit and the one that seems to stick out right now is the $4,500 Samsung UN75F7100AFXZA. I couldn't...
  3. 3D Displays
    I have a Mitshubishi 65738 DLP TV for two years. have been using the 3d starter kit with IR glasses till yesterday. I bought two Xpand X102 recently, which are based on white light sync. when I try these on, I was blown away by the depth of the 3D that are much better than the 4 IR glasses I...
  4. Rear Projection Units
    I recently got a WD-65738. I've read that with an upgrade the 3-d emitter is no longer needed? Where can I find more information on this? I'm just wanting to watch 3d blu-rays through my lg 5.1 system... nothing more, nothing less. If the emitter is no longer needed, what glasses work...
  5. Rear Projection Units
    So I tried to get the family together for some 3d memorial weekend fun. However I'm running into a stumbling block or perhaps it's just me. Here's the setup... Mitsubishi wd-65738 (firmare 12.07) Panasonic BDT110 (firmawre 1.63) Ultra Clear DLP-Link 3d Glasses x4 Tested Imax 3d under the...
1-5 of 5 Results