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  1. Official Mitsubishi LT-XX151, LT-XX153, LT-XX249 Thread

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I'll be receiving an LT-46151 model in the next week from Mitsubishi and wanted to start a thread for owners of the 2009 model line. I'll post a review after I receive my TV. Stephen
  2. 2009 Mitsubishi Owners Thread (C9/737/837)

    Rear Projection Units
    I picked up a WD-65737 on Saturday and wanted to provide a place for owners to post thoughts and impressions as well as a chance for potential owners to ask questions. Here is spec sheet: http://www.mitsubishi-tv.com/pdf/WD82737_specsheet.pdf and FAQ (frequently asked questions)...
  3. Official Sony KDS-XXA3000 OWNERS THREAD!

    Rear Projection Units
    Okay, I'm new to this forum (kinda - mostly trolled for the last 4-5 years) - however I have probably been through 10-15 TV's in the last 2 years. I was able to pickup the KDS-55A3000 from BB, with the 12% off coupon (BB price was same as MSRP) (Thanks to a great AV member here, I owe you...
  4. Official Mitsubishi LT-46131 & LT-46231 (46" 1080p LCD) Owner / Discussion Thread

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    The Mitsubishi LT-46131 and LT-46231 LCD HDTVs are on sale as of early November 2006. This thread has been started to allow owners or potential buyers to discuss these products. The Mits 46131/46231 HDTVs are 1080p with a 46 inch diagonal LCD screen, intended for direct competition with the...
  5. Mitsubishi WD2000U - WOW!!!

    Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
    OK, so I am rarely blown away by any display product now-a-days... but last nite was the exception. Yesterday I went to a student film show in Santa Barbara and they had setup a large screen in the UC's auditorium with an 16x9 Video Projector. The quality of this thing was amazing and it was...