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  1. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hi everyone, I’ve recently finished a DIY project which is one of the two official kits from Swans Speakers - DIY 2.2A. You can also find it as HiVi DIY 2.2A because Swans is a division of HiVi Research. It’s a decent kit, especially the build quality of the cabinets, but despite the numerous...
  2. Speakers
    Hi folks, I'm moving to a much larger home with a living room turned movie theater(ish) and my brother in law was nice enough to give me his set of NHT VT-2 and VS2 speakers. They're from 1995 however and I'm kind of worried about the integrity of the sound. The center channel/surrounds (NHT...
1-2 of 2 Results