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  1. This and That
    1 pair of 3D glasses + RF transmitter in Open Box condition, 1 pair of 3D glasses only in New in the Box condition (shrink wrap sealed). The Open Box glasses take charge just fine, but longevity is not tested. These are using Bit Cauldron / ZigBee RF signal and also known as Bit Cauldron...
    $99 USD
  2. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
    Hey Gang- Perhaps I'm being a bit thick here, but I just don't get it. Simply to reduce cost, can I have the MV3D glasses AND the stock HW30 glases working at the same time .. without soldering, gymnastics or other voodoo? Currently, I have the stock Sony glasses working. In my current set...
  3. 3D Tech Talk
    I think these glasses deserve their own thread... Just hooked up my pair and I must say they not only are a lighter shade but they add more pop to the 3D image. I like how you can fine tune the image and essentially tune down ghosting as much as possible. I am using the glasses on a 63"...
1-3 of 3 Results