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  1. PSB and NAD at CEDIA 2013

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  2. Comtemplating DAC upgrade - Audioengine D1 to DacMagic Plus

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    My current setup is the following: PC Audioengine D1 DAC (via USB) NAD C 326BEE Amp DynAudio Excite X12 Speakers Martin Logan Dynamo 500 Subwoofer I am contemplating upgrading the DAC to the Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus, and was wondering if it was a worthwhile upgrade. That is, is...
  3. Blind tests for PS3 blu-ray vs high end?

    Blu-ray Players
    AVS, I decided against going with the Oppo bandwagon and instead went with a high end $2000 NAD M56. But I want to dump it since I have a PS3 player and want to reduce devices but I don't know what I will be losing in terms of audio/video quality. Can people tell a difference? I have...
  4. Need help please with my NAD M15

    Remote Control Area
    Hi all, I have a peculiar problem which someone perhaps can help me. I own a NAD M15 and have somehow lost the remote. I have searched all over and cannot find a replacement. I am, therefore, wondering whether anyone with access to the remote might be willing to program a universal remote...
  5. Theatre equipment setup - Paradigm - Nad- velodyne

    What's Your System Configuration
    * I just put together my 7.1 Theater set-up. Equipment: Paradigm monitor 11's- Full Towers- Paradigm Center 3 - Center channel speaker Paradigm Surround 1'- Rear Surrounds Paradigm Surround 3- Main surrounds Velodyne minivee's 8"- Subwoofer-midwoofers DVDO Edge- 1080p- 36bit...
  6. Frohlich's new home theater (his man cave and her not so man cave)

    What's Your System Configuration
    We just moved and of course I had my priorities straight and had a man cave built pronto Previous media room: https://www.avsforum.com/t/1328688/frohlichs-remodeled-room Equipment: Video: Sony VPL-VW695 (4k) projector Seymour XD 127 inch 16:9 AT screen Speakers: JBL Pro 4722N x 3 for...
  7. Get rid of the old receiver, get a pre/pro or get an HDMI switch?

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Well I've just finished off my home theater room. Previously I just had a HDTV, and my receiver/sat box/ps3 etc were all right next to the HDTV. Now I've got a projector, and ran one HDMI from the computer, and one HDMI from the equipment closet. My issue is that the receiver I have is a NAD...
  8. NAD M25 problem

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hi guys, recently got myself a NAD M25 amp. The problem I'm having right now is that the stanby LED is on, but the amp won't turn on. It was working fine until today. I unplugged it for a while and still nothing. Is there a way to reset these amps or something ? Thanks.
  9. Official NAD T 757 AV Upgradeable Surround Sound Receiver Thread

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I'm excited about the release of this new receiver and hoping to get owners' input on their experiences. One of its most notable features at its price point is the ability to essentially swap out the preamp as new technology arrives, e.g. HDMI 1.5 or 2.0. As is customary with NAD, they...
  10. HK 990 - anyone heard one

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
     HK 990 details It seems to have everything: - 2.2 integrated with bass management and EQ - digital in - tons of power (150w x 2, 8 ohms) - XLR in and out Does anyone have one? How does its DAC compare to an outboard DAC? What is the EQ like compared to Audyssey?
  11. Let's see pics of your stereo setup!

    2-Channel Audio
    It would be fun to see pics of your classic stereo setup ! Thanks, Rob
  12. NAD M15HD Surround Sound Processor

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    It will look identical to the M15, but be called M15HD: Short List: 10bit Gennum VXP videoprocessor (2048x2048 capability) MultEQ XT with Dynamic EQ Bitstreams all HD audio formats Expected release date early 2009 Check it out! A new NAD Masters Series pre that will bitstream all the...
  13. The NAD T775/T785 AVRs w/ HDMI 1.3 Thread!

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Well I thought I would start a thread about the new soon to be released NAD receivers with HDMI 1.3. I for one am very excited about these units and look forward to them being released. Here is what we have so far: NAD T775 MSRP $2499 NAD T785 MSRP $2999 Comparison of the new...
  14. Official NAD T175 Surround Processor

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    NAD apparently showed a new surround sound processor the T175 at CEDIA. This looks pretty attractive to me, a surround sound prepro with HDMI audio inputs, Audyssey MultiEQXT room correction, all for an attractive price. Anyone know any details, when it will hit stores for example? Does it...
  15. Monitor Audio Owners Thread

    From what I can tell there is no official thread for Monitor Audio owners. As a proud Monitor Audio dealer, I can tell you that these are some of the best speakers out there regardless of price. I have seen many expensive speakers fail to outperform these speakers. One of the select few...
  16. PSB Speakers Owners thread

     How do you like your PSB Speaker setup? What's your room size, receiver, sub, speakers that you are using and what is your usage percentage (movies/music). Are you planning on upgrading anytime soon? If so, why and what is your upgrade path? What speakers have you owned prior? How would your...