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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Folks, I'm setting up a 7.2ch home-theater with All active monitors (with built-in amps and only XLR input)... The speakers are Neumann KH310 (3 way tri-amped) for L/C/R and for the surrounds - possibly Genelec 8030 or Neumann KH120 and a couple of DIY dual-opposed 12" subs. I'm looking...
  2. Speakers
    Folks, As you know... I'm setting up a 5.1 ch Hometheater (mostly for music with some movies). This is for the living room of my aptmt (not a dedicated HT room or man-cave - which is a possibility in a few years)...but for now WAF, NAF and other pesky factors come into play. I've chosen the...
  3. Speakers
    Folks, After much thought and consideration and demo of various brands both active (Dynaudio, Focal, ADAM, Mackie, Event) and passive (B&W, Golden Ear, Boston Acoustic, Yamaha, Harbeth, Martin Logan, Sonus)... I had narrowed down my selection to the Genelec G Four (8040) for the LCR and G...
  4. Speakers
    Dear All Forum Members, Comments please, Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results