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  1. Speakers
    OK, I know a few things about good sound......for music. I've was raised on flat accurate sound via a large B&O hifi in the 70's (back when they weren't just about image). I'm not really an audiophile but I lean that direction. That said, I am trying to figure out how to get big theater sound...
  2. Speakers
    Hello all, Since starting here I've delved back into a land of seemingly never-ending upgrades for the sound system. This time was the center speaker. My previous experience was with a Polk CS1. The polk was a decent center, but (for me) had a little resonance to it, and a bit too shrill...
  3. Speakers
    I have VK6-LCR left and right speakers that I'd like vertical but since they have angled sides I'm having trouble finding a stand that can hold them that way. Anyone been able to do this?
1-3 of 3 Results