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  1. Latest Industry News
     My first videogame console was an Atari 2600. When I was a kid, I remember thinking to myself, "Someday, videogame graphics will look totally realistic." With the launch of Sony and Microsoft's latest gaming machines, that childhood dream is now reality.   My first console was an Atari...
  2. Community News & Polls
     Here at AVS Forum, we realize that audio/video enthusiasts do not live by Blu-ray alone—sometimes, they enjoy being more active, so many turn to video games. To address this growing trend, we are ramping up our coverage of this important element in the AV universe with official AVS video-game...
  3. Nintendo
    All things related to the Wii U and the Wii U alone. Please discuss it here. EDIT: And this forum will not tolerate debates over which system is "better", or who's outselling who. That's fanboy stuff and it will not be tolerated. People looking to start console wars can look elsewhere. Thx
1-3 of 3 Results