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  1. Speakers
    Hello When I was helping with the teardown of an old building, I found a few speakers in the sealing and I would like to know If someone knows the watts or what kind of amplifier you can use for these speakers I have made some pictures from them If you know something about these please comment
  2. Speakers
    Hi folks, I'm moving to a much larger home with a living room turned movie theater(ish) and my brother in law was nice enough to give me his set of NHT VT-2 and VS2 speakers. They're from 1995 however and I'm kind of worried about the integrity of the sound. The center channel/surrounds (NHT...
  3. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hi, I have these 2 great Sanyo speakers that I'm interested in getting going. I know almost nothing about audio, I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction. I have attached pictures of the 2 speakers. I'm unsure of what I need to have these eventually plug into my turn tables...
  4. Speakers
    1) Ideal budget: 400-700$, can be completed in two steps (need two fronts, sub, and two rears), I am not including a new receiver in this budget as that will be an upgrade next year. 2) Listening: This would be 80% movies / tv, 10% game (low volume), 10% music (low to moderate volume, not...
  5. Speakers
    I cant find anything on them to give me a clue as to what they are. The only clue is an emblem on the speakers that i have never seen before. Anyone have an idea?
  6. Speakers
    Hi, Totally fresh to the forums here so sorry to start right out with a question. My neighbor is thinking of getting rid of his old B&W home theater speakers and I was hoping to get some thoughts. Here are the details: Will sell individually, with price indicated below or as a set for $700...
1-6 of 6 Results