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  1. Blu-ray Players
    I'm thinking when I upgrade my two right and left speakers, i may upgrade my BD player to do SACD. My current blu ray player is Panasonics DMP BD35 (or maybe its the BD50, I can't remember). I'm looking for something that will do very well as a music player and as a video player, both DVD and...
  2. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
     The Project       After following Swithey's thread for a while and then continuing the HD demo theme with ScubaSteve2365's decided to try to make an HD demo disc for myself. The learning process was quite steep and requires many different tools and programs, and with help and cooperation...
  3. Blu-ray Players
     Panasonic's DMP-BD50 Blu-ray is here! This player has been released and is being bought in the US, Canada and Europe. We need to start a new official thread for owners. The other discussion thread was more like an anticipation thread and full of all kinds of off-topic content. Owners...
1-3 of 3 Results