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panasonic dmp bd85k wifi enabled blu ray disc player black
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  1. Remote Control Area
    I purchased a refurbished ARRE433B RF extender for use with my Xsight Touch remote. My Touch remote works fine with my Toshiba TV, Harmon Kardon AVR325 receiver, Panasonic DMP BD85, and Dish ViP622 DVR. The extender without the LED cables also works with them. However when I try to use the...
  2. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    I have the DY-WL10 which I believe was the first generation wifi adapter from Panasonic. Now I see this new adapter TY-WL20 from them. Is it any better or improved in any way from the older one ? I use it with a G25 TV and a BD-85 player. Sometimes I have bandwidth issues which I think are due...
  3. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    Needs are simple but not sure how to upgrade & configure. Current equipment ISP - Charter Cable 15 Mbps down / 3 Mbps up (old Express level of service) with SA 2100 2.0 cable modem Wireless router (also used for the 4 LAN ethernet ports) - Linksys WRT160Nv3 with most recent firmware...
  4. Blu-ray Players
    Hello all. I need some serious help. After a child played with a remote (not sure which remote), I can no longer view a Blu-ray. What happens is the BR loads, is visible for a few seconds then the picture goes to static for a few seconds, then the picture comes back and the cycle repeats. The...
  5. Blu-ray Players
    Hi, I am having some "fun and games" trying to get my Panasonic Blue-ray player (BD85) to send 24 bit hi-res audio to my external stereo DAC (Audiolab M-DAC) and wondered if there was any advise out there. I am connecting the player to the MDAC via Coax. The player has all the correct...
  6. Blu-ray Players
    I am new here so please direct me to the right place if I am in the wrong place but here is my question. I own a Harman Kardon AVR 8000 THX. The best HK receiver until about 2005 when it was discontinued. I love it and do not plan on replacing it for a while. I own a PS3 and watch all of my...
  7. Blu-ray Players
    This BDP appears to be priced similarly to the Sony S570 and Panasonic BD85, and while those playersboth have extensive threads here, the Yamaha unit is conspicuously absent. In fact, there has been barely any discussion on it anywhere on the web. Why is everyone ignoring this unit?
  8. Blu-ray Players
    Someone posted elsewhere they had seen it at their local Best Buy in Seattle. I guess it will not be long before it starts showing up in other locations. Here is a link for some info on this player: http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-e...702#tabsection
  9. Blu-ray Players
    I see that the Panasonic 2010 Blu-ray players are starting to appear on online retailers, especially the DMP-BD65. Does anyone own one of these players yet ? If so, I'd be interested in hearing a review. I'm especially interested in the Netflix streaming capabilities. How does the user...
  10. Blu-ray Players
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1-10 of 10 Results