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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
     I have a Denon AVR-1513 receiver that is hooked up to a Mitsubishi ED-73742 tv and a Panasonic DMP-BDT110.  I am getting no sound out of the receiver when the tv is on but if I put a dvd in to watch I am getting sound through the receiver.  Any ideas what the problem could be?
  2. What's Your System Configuration
     My basement setup:  Panasonic TC-P55GT30 55" 3D plasma TV Panasonic DMP-BDT110 3D BD player Roku 2 XS Sony HT-CT550W Sound Bar System WDTV Live player            
  3. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    Hey all. I've googled and haven't been able to find an answer. I'm hoping someone out here might have a few good tips? Unless I completely disable Viera link, I can't stop my t.v. from shutting off my Panasonic BD110 Blu-ray player. I have the power off link set to "No." I have tried it set...
  4. 3D Displays
    Hi, I brought the captioned equipment recently and have worked out most of my problems - thanks to other entries in these forums However, I tried watching my first 3D Blueray today but the TV kept switching back and forth between the Bluray signal (i.e. the film) and a black screen that...
  5. 3D Source Components
    Can someone help me out? I just purchased the 110 and I can't get the 2d->3d conversion to work (or it could be all 3d, as I dont own any 3d bluray movies). Anyways, I tried converting a DVD and a bluray using the conversion and the screen goes to black, the player displays HDMI and then the...
  6. Blu-ray Players
    I found myself in need of an inexpensive Bluray player that would fit in a narrow space, just 15.5" available. After quite a man hunt, I decided to pick up a Vizio VBR133 for the low, low price of $98 + tax from Wally World. It's a nice looking device and I like that the remote shows a decent...
  7. AVS Forum® Podcasts
    Today's Show: We have been doing this show for the past six years and have had an opportunity to review a lot of Blu-ray players. So when the Panasonic DMP-BDT110 (Buy Now $135) showed up on our doorstep we were pretty sure we knew what to expect from a sub $150 Blu-ray player. We were wrong...
  8. Blu-ray Players
    All things 110/210/310 here! Who has received theirs so far? What do you like? What could they improve? gogogo! edit: my first impressions after a 30 minute test session: Im a total noob when it comes to this 3d stuff and blu-ray players and whatnot, so take all of this with a grain of...
1-8 of 9 Results