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  1. Soundbars
    For the past two and half years, we've been happily rolling along with a Panasonic soundbar (SC-HTB500) that we paired with our Panasonic 3D TV. It was very easy to set up and adds immensely to the viewing experience. Recently though, it's been harder and harder to get the soundbar to power...
  2. Soundbars
    I recently purchased a Vizio 65" LED and Vizio soundbar. Both products work fine, but there is a design flaw that does not alow the products to function together properly. I chose to place my TV on the stand provided by Vizio. I did not want to wall mount the unit. I placed the sound bar in...
  3. Soundbars
    Hi, I have this soundbar: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-SC-HTB500-2-1-Channel-SoundBar-Subwoofer/dp/B003TX81CY/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1343927742&sr=8-6&keywords=panasonic+soundbar This is a major problem because the soundbar and subwoofer has no button on them to manually control the...
  4. Soundbars
    Today when I was at Costco, I noticed a display for the Yamaha ATS 1010 Soundbar ($189). I'm not an audophile by any stretch of the imagination and I was wondering what the qualitative difference (if any) there is between this soundbar and the Panasonic SC-HTB500 we have now. Thanks. Athena
  5. Soundbars
    anyone have any experience with this guy? http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-e...702#tabsection ah nm comes out next month =)
1-5 of 5 Results