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  1. Soundbars
     I just purchased the SC-HTB550, hooked it all up, and tried streaming some music from my iPhone over Bluetooth. When the music first came out of the speakers it sounded pretty good, much better than the TV speakers or the 2.1 $70 Logitechs I use for my PC, at least in terms of highs/mids. The...
  2. Soundbars
    Hi -- I've pretty much narrowed my soundbar search down to a Panasonic SC-HTB550 to go with my Panasonic LED TV and Blu-Ray unit. Where can you find one of these to purchase? Other than a refurb from Tiger Direct, I haven't found one for sale anywhere! Thanks for the help! Mark
  3. Soundbars
    I have a Pansanoic soundbar Model SC-HTB350 and a Panasonic Viera TV Model TC-P60UT50. I want to connect the soundbar and tv so that I can control sound both with the same remote. The soundbar has no HDMI port, but the TV has an HDMI Arc input. Any ideas??
  4. Soundbars
    I have a 46inch panasonic tc-p46x3and I can not get the hdmi arc to connect to the soundbar I have hdmi cables connected in the right places, on viera menu I have home theater for my speaker selection,viera link turned on but system will not connect.If I connect optical cable system works but...
  5. Soundbars
    I have a Panasonic ST50 series TV with the Panasonic SU-HTB550 soundbar. I'm currently using the coaxial cable input to send my cable signal into my TV. I have the sound bar wired up and connected to the TV using a HDMI cable on the ARC ports. I thought I was going to be able to take care...
  6. Soundbars
    Has anybody compared the 2 side by side? I am looking at each but can only demo the Sony due to availability. I also saw the new Toshiba soundbar...may put that in the running as well. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks Nick
  7. Soundbars
    Can anyone offer some advice about getting your Panasonic SC-HTB550 to work with your Logitech Harmony One remote? I've got the HTB550 connected to my Panasonic TC-L47E50 (HDMI ARC) and a Comcast cable box all with HDMI. The TV's speakers are off, and the Viera link seems to be working okay...
  8. Soundbars
    Hey guys. I am just wondering if anyone here has the new Panasonic SCHTB550 or what are some of you're thoughts on it. Seems like a really good sound bar with flexibility and I really like the bluetooth streaming as well. Was just released on Amazon.ca. Thanks.
  9. Soundbars
    OK, here are the features I'd like in my next soundbar system. 1. Audio input via Bluetooth (aka - listen to music from my smartphone). 2. HDMI inputs and output including Audio Return Channel (ARC). 3. Wireless subwoofer. I'm willing to compromise on 3) Wireless subwoofer, but the...
1-9 of 9 Results