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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I have been using a Yamaha DSP-a3090 with my Paradigm Monitor 7v7 speakers for music only. It's time to retire this old faithful amplifier. - it still works but is now over 12 years old. I am looking at choosing either a Yamaha integrated amp e.g., Yamaha A-S301/501 or a stereo receiver e.g...
  2. Audio Gear
    Hi, I have a pair of Mini Monitor V5s and a pair of ADP-190 V5s for sale. They have been replaced with Paradigm Studio speakers and still sound as good as the day I purchased them. They are in good condition, one of the mini's has a couple of minor nicks on the corners but it is difficult to...
  3. Speakers
     Hi all, I have a budget of about $2k for a pair of floorstand speakers and AVR (50% music, 50% movies), this to be placed in my living room. After shopping around, I have shortlisted down to the following speakers (btw $900 - $1500), have not auditioned any yet but wanted to get some inputs...
1-3 of 3 Results