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  1. Speakers
    Hi all, after a bit of advice for my rear channel (or maybe upgrading my front channel) Room Dimensions : 12.5ft x 9.8ft Current speakers Fronts : Paradigm Studio 60 Centre : Paradigm Signature C3 V1 Subwoofer : Velodyne SPL-1200 Ultra Amplifier : Yamaha RX-V1900 Main use is for music...
  2. Speakers
    I currently own ALL paradigm reference studio v.1 speakers, as a 7.1 system. My 60's (mains) tweeters had to be replaced with soft-domes (the OEM equiliant is no longer available). I have a studio 60 v.2 for a center, and it is a nice speaker. Should I buy a used pair of studio 60's v.2 to...
  3. What's Your System Configuration
    I should preface this with some info on my home. It is a 1800 sq foot townhouse. Three bedrooms upstairs and a small basement. Sure, it would be easier to create dedicated viewing and listening areas if I owned a Mansion or a Mc-Mansion. But I have a Mc-townhouse. So, it took a while to...
1-3 of 3 Results