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pioneer bdp 09fd elite blu ray player
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  1. Blu-ray Players
    I have both of these bd players and only decided to get a oppo cause I want 3d. Anyways I use the bdp-09 for 2d and oppo for 3d. I tried to compaire bd play back and have a hard time seeing big differences. I think the bdp-09 looks better but maybe it's just me wanting to believe its better...
  2. Display Devices
    I am selling my highly regarded Pioneer Elite 09-FD blu ray player. Still under warranty until November 18th. I am the original owner never any issues at all with this player absolutely in perfect condition. Cosmetically no ding or dents perfect shape. Operational perfect no issues at all. I...
  3. Blu-ray Players
    I want to sell my BDP-09 cause I replaced it with the oppo 103. The player is fine and never had a problem with the drive like others are having. Then again It doesnt get played alot. Anyways just wondering what you guys think would be a fair asking price for it? I have the box and manual and...
  4. Blu-ray Players
    Minus PS3 & oppo players, are older BD players still getting firmware updates?
  5. Video Source Items
    Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD. Excellent condition both physical and operational. Unit comes with remote and box. - $650 plus shipping Samsung BDP 5000 HD-DVD & Blu-ray combo player (2 available). Excellent condition both physically and operationally. Comes with remote, manuals and box - $200 each...
  6. What's Your System Configuration
     The shadow knows... At the request of several members, I'm taking a stab at starting a thread for my system. I have only a 2-channel setup which handles both video and audio, in a room that's 14' x 18'5" or so. The system is in a state of flux as I begin, but I hope the final config will...
  7. Blu-ray Players
    Hello, everyone I've heard some rumors that Anthem is going for a new universal BD player. Has anyone known or heard anything about it?
  8. Blu-ray Players
    Part 1 - Intro. It must be that crazy time again. I lock myself in the man-cave and only exit for food and the occasional need to see sunlight. For preparation I set up 3 clipboards at 3 different locations in the theater. A section is dedicated for each player where I write notes and grade...
1-8 of 9 Results