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  1. Soundbars
    Sonos deserves credit for creating the multi-room, networked lifestyle-audio category. Its innovative approach to sound prioritizes network stability and playback reliability above all other factors. This ethos led to enormous success for the company among consumers looking for attractive, easy...
  2. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    Q: My wife and I are looking for a multi-room wireless sound system on a budget—for a smaller home—and we’re wondering what you would recommend. We looked at the Sonos Play:5 but were disappointed that it doesn't have Bluetooth or AirPlay. Our listening habits include streaming CBC radio...
  3. AVS Forum® Articles
    The Sonos Play:1 is a device I'd never buy with my own money, yet I'm happy that I received one as a gift. Last January, I attended a press event at Bob and Ron's World Wide Stereo in Ardmore, PA. The main event was lunch with renowned home-theater designer Keith Yates, and Sonos was a...
1-3 of 3 Results