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  1. Home A/V Distribution
    I am interested in getting a couple of PoE PTZ cameras for mobile use, but would like to have only one cable entering the trailer. I have looked at an Outdoor PoE Extender, that extends PoE Power to two PoE devices, but only has one RJ45 input. I would like to have the data come from a router...
  2. Home Automation
    Is there such thing as a Poe splitter for 15-18 volt 2 amps? I like many others don’t want any wires hanging out of the wall
  3. Remote Control Area
    HI guys, I've been wondering if it is possible to run an iPad over a POE injector and adapters at the iPad end? I'm designing a new build and want to install 2 iPads in wall in different rooms. Not looking for Data over the wire, just power, as they will be flush mounted in the wall as control...
  4. Home Automation
    What keywords should I search for or what do you recommend in terms of: -Outdoor Surveillance Cameras with -POE connectivity (BNC ok if POE impossible between $30-$200 per camera) -Outdoor rated ip66 or better (ip 65 only if warranty ok's rain water) -Day/Night capable is a must -NO IR LEDs...
  5. Home Automation
    Hi. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist. If anyone knows of a good pre-existing thread I should read, please link. I'm looking for the following features: * HD, 720P minimum * Night vision w/IR light source * Will build a dedicated PC for monitoring/storage using a software package...
1-5 of 5 Results