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polk audio cs10 center channel speaker single cherry
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  1. Speakers
    I got a left over Acoustimass 5 (bass box and 2 of the small speakers). Is it possible to use just the small speakers as my surround speakers connected directly to my Onkyo AVR? Just want to make it clear that I won't be using the bass box at all. TIA, tsp PS: I'm so impressed with my new...
  2. Speakers
     Hey Guys,   I'm new to the forum but I have been poking around for a while. Here is what I'm looking to buy to put together a decent system for around $1000-$1200 and I would like to know what you think. Please give your opinions and suggest something compatable if you'd like.   Room is...
  3. Speakers
    I'm looking to buy some 4th generation Klipsch Reference RF-52 front speakers on craigslist for $385. What makes me nervous, is the fact that its a 4th generation and not the 5th generation. But, is there any audible difference at all between the 4th and 5th generation of this speaker? Or this...
  4. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
     Hi all. long time lurker here and now I finally decided to take the plunge and transform one of the extra bedrooms into a dedicated theater/media room. Size is a modest 12x11. This is going to be an ongoing project as I am about 50% done from the time this thread was started, or at least all...
  5. Speakers
    I've been looking at these two speakers and I'm on ready to pull the trigger on one of them. I was wondering which one would you guys choose?
1-5 of 5 Results