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  1. Speakers
    I purchased a Polk LSI15 HT system based on responses on this forum. Thanks a ton! I'm not happy with the Bass on the LSI15s. Its limited to 50hz at the bottom. I want to mod the LSI15s with woofers that can go down to 30 hz or eben 20 hz. and found these 4 Ohm 8" woofers from Polk. Please...
  2. Speakers
    Hi. I'm new to buying sound systems and could use some advice. I'm looking to get two speakers and subwoofer with about $250. What would be the best bang for my buck? Also, any amplifier/receiver advice would be much appreciated as well. Thanks
  3. Speakers
    hi everyone, I bought the Polk lsi15 speakers today on amazon for $499 each. I have a Yamaha rx-v673 receiver which has no pre outs. Its still in the return period on amazon. Will this Yamaha receiver be able to power the LSI15s? I'm on a budget and dont want to break my bank for an expensive...
  4. Speakers
    Im stuck between two speakers for my home theater. I ve read tons of reviews and they all seem to be positive. I plan on setting up a 5.1 to 7.1, and will be running on an onkyo805, and a 5 channel cinenova grande amplifier. I can't decide between the lsi15's or the lsi'25's(which have a...
1-5 of 5 Results