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  1. Speakers
    I purchased a Polk LSI15 HT system based on responses on this forum. Thanks a ton! I'm not happy with the Bass on the LSI15s. Its limited to 50hz at the bottom. I want to mod the LSI15s with woofers that can go down to 30 hz or eben 20 hz. and found these 4 Ohm 8" woofers from Polk. Please...
  2. Speakers
    Iv just up graded my MAN-CAVE....My components are : Pioneer Elite SC-67 Pioneer Elite 3d BDP-53FD Emotiva XPR-5 Polk RTiA9's ...mains Polk CSiA6's ...center Polk F/X iA6.....surround's QSC K-Sub Samsung ES8000 65 inch 3D ....T.V. Now as to the movies.....the sound is FRIKIN AWSUM...
  3. Speakers
    want to move my polk m 70s to surround duty but cant decide what to replace them with. I was first thinking of rti a9s plus a amp is needed. but then i thought klipsch rf-82s was the way to go but I read a bad review of how rf-82s lack in mid range but have good highs and lows is this true it...
1-3 of 3 Results