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  1. Speakers
     Hello,   Need experts' advice.  Plan to upgrade my speakers and want to start from front left and right speakers first. Currently, I use 5 10+ years old JBL speakers and 1 old JBL subwoofer.    My set up is:  marantz SR7007 marantz CD5004  Room: 22x24x15. isolated media room.  Use...
  2. Speakers
    Iv just up graded my MAN-CAVE....My components are : Pioneer Elite SC-67 Pioneer Elite 3d BDP-53FD Emotiva XPR-5 Polk RTiA9's ...mains Polk CSiA6's ...center Polk F/X iA6.....surround's QSC K-Sub Samsung ES8000 65 inch 3D ....T.V. Now as to the movies.....the sound is FRIKIN AWSUM...
1-2 of 2 Results