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  1. Speakers
    This is my main system for HT and music listening. I have been wanting to get speakers with larger drivers to be mains but I don't currently have space for more floor standing speakers. If I got bookshelf I wanted some with 2 drivers and a tweeter. I found some Polk RT35i bookshelves for a...
  2. Speakers
     I currently have the Polk Audio TL1 Blackstones in a 5.1 config.  I am getting the PSA XV15 in a few weeks to replace the mediocre sub that came with the TL1s.  I cannot replace the rear speakers due right now (ceiling mounted) and would like to only replace my two fronts.   With that...
  3. Speakers
     Hey, I'm completely new here. I'm in the market for some floorstanding Polk's to go with my Monitor 25c (center) and my 35b (current front speakers but will become surround speakers soon). I am thinking I'll go with the Monitor 65t's as the 75t's are just out of my price range. Newegg has them...
  4. Speakers
     Polk Audio New Monitor 35B Compact Bookshelf Loudspeaker (Cherry) Pair + $50 off w/ promo code EMCXSXL229, ends 4/15 $149.95 - $50 = $107.45 after tax
1-5 of 5 Results