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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Several hours surfing and I'm nowhere close to making a decision on a new receiver. Tight budget~$1250) for receiver and speakers is holding me back--hence needing to cut any extras. Note I'm not an audiophile- just your regular ole paralysis through analysis guy, unfortunately. My punch...
  2. Speakers
     Hi,   Got a hard deadline of Tuesday to have speakers installed :(   New (first) system - picked up a  Yamaha RX-V673 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver  on Black Friday, and have 5 in-celing 6 1/2 holes to fill in living room (large open space) plus 2 in kitchen (connected), 2 in sunroom...
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    We will be moving into a house that is prewired for (5) in-ceiling speakers and the subwoofer to the side (in front). We have a UN65F8000 television and plan on connecting it to the receiver with high speed HDMI. We have and Xbox, Blu Ray, and cable box. We have iPhones/iPads so it would be...
  4. Speakers
    Am I correct/ok in doing this? Our Master bedroom has 2 Polk RC60i speakers (ohm impedance) in ceiling and 1 Polk RC6s (8 ohm impedance.. DVC) in the bathroom. If I wire these three speakers in parallel, will I have a 4 ohm load? I am thinking I will because the bathroom speaker being dual...
  5. Speakers
    I recently installed two RC60i's as my back surrounds. the other side of the wall is my laundry room. So there is nothing but open air behind the speakers. Do i need to make enclosures for these? no mentionof it either way in the literature with the speakers.
  6. Home A/V Distribution
    I don't have a ton of AV experience, so this is probably a lame question, but here it goes. I have all the logistics worked out on how to get things wired up, but what I can't decide on is how to handle the actual low-voltage box. I have a house that is pre-wired for in-ceiling speakers. I...
  7. Speakers
    will there be any real noticeable difference in using Polk rc60i vs the 4103 for rear surrounds in a 5.1 set up? it's $60 difference...only worth spending if it is worth spending on.
  8. Speakers
    Guys, I need 2 pairs of in ceiling speakers for my main living room to be used as front L/R and surround L/R with my Klipsch RW12-D sub. Receiver will be the Denon 2112 (For MultiXT Audessey). Wife says it MUST be in ceiling, so here I am. Which speakers are better? and why? Thanks in advance.
1-8 of 8 Results