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  1. Speakers
     I just picked up a set of RTi A5s, I already know I want the CSi A6 center, now for the surrounds, I am doing a 5.1 maybe a 5.2 surround sound, I can get the RTi A3 for 275 shipped which are direct firing bookshelf speakers or the FXi A6 for $340 shipped which are dipole/bipole speakers. My HT...
  2. Speakers
    Wondering if I can mix polk rtia5 and the martin Logan's motions 4 for side surrounds wanting to do this because can't afford big price martins for fronts. Need help thanks
  3. Speakers
    We'll have a prob picking or buying the 2 or 4 for the surrounds in my 15x17 room I have polks rtia5 for fronts and need help for side and rear please help thanks
  4. Speakers
    Hey all. Awhile back I was trying to get a setup going with a receiver and some speakers but ended up not being able to do what I wanted to. I think now I can actually get it done. My goal is to try and get something made for around $400. The room that itll be in is a basement so it needs to be...
  5. Speakers
    I'm upgrading from the Monitor 70s & 40s to RTi A7s & already bought the CSi A6 center (much cleaner dialogue over the CS2 it replaced!), so my ? is for surrounds, have read tons of reviews etc & can't really tell if the RTi A5 or FXi A6 would be better? I split my listening between music &...
1-7 of 7 Results