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  1. Speakers
    Hi I bought Polk RTi6 Bookshelf plus CSI 5 Center from fry's 6 months ago. Now I can get the the Energy RC-10 and the matching center ENERGY RC-LCR. I was wondering are the energy speakers noticeably better than the Polk? I mostly use these speakers for Movies, TV and occasionally music...
  2. Speakers
    I currently have the following setup for my home theater which is 20x16 with 10ft ceilings. Onkyo TX-SR809 Polk RTi6 Front speakers Polk CSi3 Center speaker Polk OWM3 Rear speakers Polk DSW PRO 550wi Subwoofer I am thinking about upgrading my front speakers and have been looking at the...
  3. Speakers
    Been looking around for an Axiom owner's thread and didn't find one, so I created this one. I recently upgraded from a Panasonic stereo to an Epic 60-600 in a 6.1 configuration (black oak with black grills). I have yet to receive my A/V receiver (Onkyo TX-NR905) and TV (Mitsubishi WD-57833) to...
1-5 of 5 Results