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  1. Speakers
    my amp will be marantz 1603. i like it for music performance. i plan to use it with a pair of speakers. for music and watching tv. which one do u suggest to me? dali ikon 5 mk2,polk audio tsi400 or dali zensor 5 zensor5 and polk audio ts400 is about same price and dali ikon 5 is 2 times...
  2. Speakers
    To cut a long story short, im buying a new pair of speakers to use with my turntable. I will also be using a Denon AVR-791. Due to my location in Australia, availability is limited. Which speaker is better? The Polk Audio TSI400's or the Jamo s606's ? The Polk's are $1199 a pair and the...
1-2 of 2 Results