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  1. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hello. First post here. I am a guitarist that references Hifi information regularly to implement in my rig. However most guitarists on forums aren't too interested in these subjects. Hence why I'm here! This subject has definitely been talked about before. However, the posts were always...
  2. AVS Forum® Articles
    Best Audiophile Power Cables When it comes to audio and cables, there’s no denying that the science of sending electrical impulses through copper strands to drive a simple coil & magnet motor that’s attached to a cone is technology that’s been around for a while. Over the decades, each...
  3. HDMI Q&A - The One Connector World
    I need a 10 meters HDMI connection from my receiver to my projector. Unfortunately most of the way it needs to run along the 240V power cable for the projector. They each run in a separate cable canal but are still very close. This has given stability problems with even an expensive and well...
  4. Accessories
    I have 2 brand new Shunyata Research - Venom 3 power cables in original packaging. Asking $100 + shipping from CA. To clarify, I am asking $100 for each cable. I remember purchasing them around $150 each so I think $100 for a brand new one is a fair ask.
  5. Accessories
    HEY! Thanks for looking. Selling a Cardas Golden Reference power cord 1.5 meters. Retailed for about $750, selling for $449 Shipped. I bought this from an authorized dealer and have had it in my system for a number of years without issue. I love the sound, but am changing my system and will...
1-5 of 5 Results