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  1. 3D Tech Talk
    Just got my first 3D TV. My HDMI runs into my processor, then out through that to TV. First problem: player does not recognize 3D display hookup. I'm thinking maybe the processor prevents recognition of my 3D display, so run HDMI directly to TV. Now player recognizes display. I press the 3D...
  2. 3D Displays
    I am considering a number of 3D HDTVs and I would like to hear from people who have used them. The priority as to the quality of the features, for me, is 2D>3D conversion, Picture Quality, and lastly 3D performance. I am looking to buy any one from the following list: Panasonic VT50, Samsung...
  3. 3D Source Components
    I have just purchased a DXG-5F9V HD 3D Camcorder. The ArcSoft software included in the package seems fine, but it makes no provision for converting 3D side by side video clips into the red/cyan analglyph format. I have an identical ArcSoft program that came with my Aiptek i2 3D camcorder that...
  4. 3D Content
    Just purchased for $24.99 at Best Buy. Saw it at the movie theater in 3D also and like it. However, the best part of the purchase is that it contains a 3D trailer of Uncharted 3: Drake's Revenge.
  5. Official AVS Forum® Blu-ray Disc Reviews
     The Review at a Glance: (max score: 5 ) Film: Extras: Audio/3D Video total rating: ( Max score: 100 ) 84 Studio and Year: Sony Pictures - 2011 MPAA Rating: Unrated Feature running time: 87 minutes Genre: Action/Horror Disc Format: BD-50 Encoding: MVC/AVC Video Aspect: 2.40:1...
  6. 3D Content
    I heard horrible review on Hoodwink as a movie but not sure about its 3Dness. Same story for Priest as a movie but unsure its 3dness. Both hit street this coming Tuesday the 16th. Those who've seen both or either one, please chime in.
1-6 of 6 Results