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  1. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    The great thing about front projection-based home theater is that today’s technology lets you experience picture quality that competes with what you see on the big screens at the multiplex cinema. With 4K and HDR, projectors now deliver the detail and color found in Hollywood films. And now...
  2. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
    CEDIA 2018 may be over but the memories are fresh, especially thanks to a strong showing from projectors, the emergence of 8K, and demos from lots of great-sounding audio systems. In some cases I gave Best of CEDIA 2018 awards to specific products, with others I recognized advances in...
  3. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    There were stunned the attendees at an AVS Forum member meetup (at CEDIA 2018) where an Epson Pro Cinema 4050 projector looked fantastic playing 4K HDR content thanks to 2400 lumen output. Why? Because of the $2399 price point of this feature-packed projector. With up to 200,000:1 contrast and...
1-3 of 3 Results