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  1. Speakers
    Hello, I have a pair of Q100 speakers. I am looking for a matching center channel at a reasonable price. I found Klipsch RC62 II and would like the feedback about pairing with Q100. If there are other choices, I would like to hear your opinion. Thanks much.
  2. Great Found Deals
    KEF's R-series speakers are a premium line of speakers that feature aluminum drivers and the company's signature Uni-Q concentric 2-way midrange/tweeter. Also included in the line is KEF's R400b subwoofer, a compact dual-opposed sealed design with 9" drivers. Now, the R-series is on sale at KEF...
  3. Audio Gear
    I am selling one of the two Kef Q100s I bought in "Used - Like New" condition from Amazon. Got them a couple of months back and one is set up as center channel so don't need the other. It's still sitting in its original box. Comes from no kids, no pets, no smoke house. Asking for $115 only...
  4. Audio Gear
    PM me if you have one in good shape and willing to sell. ...I also have a single Q100 (Black Ash & new as of 2/6/2018) I could use in trade. Thanks!
  5. Speakers
    Hello, This is my first non reply post and I fist want to say how helpful and awesome this forum has been. I've been a long time soundbar user and have finally started to make the investment into a HT setup. There is so much great information on here and feel like I have found myself in a...
  6. Audio Gear
    Hello, I am buying a pair of Q100 speakers, and I will use one of them as center channel in my 5.1 setup, so the other one will be available for sale. I would prefer if someone picks up or I can deliver in San Francisco Bay Area. The pair costs $300, I will sell single speaker for $150. It...
  7. Speakers
    Hi -My current 3.1 setup is Denon AVR-S510 + Kef Q100+Q200C + BIC F12. My wife likes the looks of CMT-340+ pedestal stand (TD-24) and I am always looking for an excuse to upgrade. We recently returned ELAC B6+C5. Didn't like movie music and dialogue reproduced by ELACs. KEF reproduction...
  8. Audio Gear
    Withdrawn. Please delete Hi, Selling 4 days old Kef Q100 + 200C. $600 + 50% shipping from PA 19335 Item condition: Like New In Box. Mint new. grill still has cardboard insert. Reason for Sale: Moving to Ascend Acoustic CMT-340. Payment Terms: Google wallet is preferred. Paypal can also...
  9. Speakers
    Hello, I have Kef Q100 for front left and right, and I am building a 5.1 system. I would like to know what will be good rear speakers to go with Q100s? Also, I have PB-1000 as my sub. Thanks!
  10. Audio Gear
    Welcome to my listing! I have couple pairs of speakers for sale: KEF Q300: $450 - Color: Walnut - Condition: cosmetically and functionally like new - Included original packaging along with all the original accessories and documentation KEF Q100: $250 - Color: Black - Condition: cosmetically...
  11. Audio Gear
    I'm looking to buy a single KEF Q100 bookshelf speaker to use as a center channel turned on its side. Unfortunately you can only buy in sets of 2 so hoping someone else had the same idea and needs to unload the leftover speaker. Shoot me a PM if you have one sitting around. Thx j I can't seem...
1-11 of 12 Results