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  1. Accessories
    Hi everyone, I know they’re hard to find since they’re discontinued, but hoping someone here might have a rack mount kit they’re looking to sell. New or used, I don’t care. I’ve got an Oppo UDP-203 and recently moved everything to a rack and would like to mount the Blu-Ray player as well. Thanks.
  2. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    Hi everyone, I’m having some custom cabinetry built and want to put my A/V equipment in the cabinetry. The cabinet is roughly 26” wide, 30” tall, and 24” deep. I’m looking for help finding a “standard equipment rack” (19” server rack) that will Mount inside and pull out with over-travel so I can...
  3. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    I currently have a server rack (42U TrippLite) sitting in a closet behind my home theater. Right now the cables coming from the speakers and projector pass through the ceiling, down into the interior wall of the closet and come out on the floor near existing outlets. The cables are run under...
  4. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I'm hoping to start a conversation or get help finding information that points to the future 'trends' of small home theaters as many things I see on these forums seem like hold overs from the 90's! My main question: Are a/v racks or built in racks that are on display in theaters an outdated...
  5. Accessories
    [SOLD] Middle Atlantic MRK Series Rack, MRK-4031 MRK Series Rack, 40 RU, 31"D Asking [SOLD] Outgrew this rack configuration and had to replaced it with a deeper model. Finish is in very good condition, with only normal wear and marks from mounting equipment None of the rails have any...
  6. This and That
  7. This and That
    All Sold.
  8. This and That
    Assembled but never used. 68.5" H x 19.125" W x 26" D. No knockouts have been removed; the rack is in fantastic condition. $275 + shipping (or pickup if you happen to be in St. Louis).
  9. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I was forced to hide all audio equipment away of sight. The solution was to put it in a small room under the stairs. All fine and dandy but that is also where we access the crawl space. Considering the tight space in this room, the equipment will be exactly on top of the access "door" to the...
  10. 2-Channel Audio
    I am compiling a list of front loading, stackable turntables that could be used in an AV rack without a separate drawer. Boom boxes and vertical record players are excluded, as are any front loading turntables that are not stackable due to button placement. If you know of any others, please...
  11. Home A/V Distribution
    Hi people, I've totally missed the thought of controlling my equipment that is located in a cupboard during the house planing stage. I have 305 meters of Cat 6 cable and a ton of connector plates and a tester, so I'm not scared to run cat 6 anywhere! I have two 4K rated HDMI for the two...
  12. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    I'm in the market for a standard sized, 19" rack and looking for recommendations. I didn't see many/any relevant threads on AVS other than this one Show me your RACK which is over 2,600 posts long and mostly focusing on people posting pics with no details about the actual racks. I think I've...
  13. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    I'm a newbie, putting together my first custom A/V rack. Looking at Middle Atlantic custom rack shelves. They're great. But how would you proposing I mount this thing?
  14. Accessories
    This is the 5-29 rack, 54" tall, 20" deep. It comes with a few shelves. If you are interested, I am happy to provide photos. I cannot ship the rack. I live in Boulder. $200. Dave
  15. Accessories
    I have two shelves, both in good condition but not perfect. I tried to show the couple dings in the front covers, one in each on the left side. I think the frame was ground out a bit to allow an old school IR remote system wire to come to the front of the components panel. If the shelves are...
  16. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    I'm putting together a HT that will include several common pieces of equipment, and likely grow over time. I really like the Middle Atlantic Racks some people have posted, but looking at the prices from MA, they seem crazy for what it is. I mean $600 for a 40" tall metal box? Am I looking at the...
  17. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    Not sure this is the best forum for this (please redirect me if not), but I just moved to New York from London and am having trouble finding well-regarded equipment stand manufacturers at the budget end of the price spectrum... I have my 50" plasma and handful of AV boxes (cable box, Blu-Ray...
  18. Cable, Digital Cable - Non-HDTV
    Hi all, I've just setup up my basement with an av rack containing three charter dc550dr stb boxes. I've got a display wall with 4 tv's. I'm having trouble controlling the stb's individually. I'm wondering if the Ethernet port on the stb can be used to command channel changes. I've found...
  19. Accessories
    I used this rack for about a year and my wife decided that she did not like the look so we had a custom cabinet built. Comes with all of the shelves and with the cooling equipment. Asking $300 for it but would be interested in a trade. I will try to post a pick of it later. Thanks Dave