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  1. LCD Flat Panel Displays
     This is my first post here, so I appreciate the help.  I am looking for a new TV for my large open living room. I am on what I would consider a medium budget of about $1,500 to an absolute max budget of $2,000. I am looking for a 65" because of the size of the room.  I currently have a...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I purchased a refurb from Shop Jimmy's 95 days ago. Yes it is out of warranty and I am starting to get the verticle line syndrome. Could it be a T Con board or LCD panel. It is OK when TV first goes on but after 15 minutes a yellow box appears then the rainbow of lines appear on the left...
  3. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    42" lcd tv RCA 46la45rq Issue I am having is TV loses video after being on for an hour or so. Screen just goes dark. If I turn off TV and turn on again the video comes back on for a while, then does it again. I have already replaced the backlight inverter board without fixing the problem. I...
  4. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi everybody, We're having an issue with our tv that we can't seem to figure out. At first the side buttons didn't work and the remote didn't work except for the power button. We inspected the cables and found nothing wrong with the except that the buttons and remote receiver circuits went to...
  5. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I know little to nothing about TVs, and was hoping I could get some advice on this potential purchase. It can be had for ~$550 with a cheap HTIB included (didn't include the link because it said no retail links). Here are the specs: RCA 46" LCD 1080p 60Hz HDTV, 46LA45RQ: 16:9 LCD panel With...
  6. Remote Control Area
    I purchased this tv and want to use the Comcast remote to navigate the input screen on the TV. The arrow keys on the remote do not work with the TV, so I still have to use the RCA remote to change inputs. Are there custom codes so that I can use the arrow codes on the Comcast remote? Thank you
1-6 of 6 Results