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  1. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Currently, I use a pair of the (audioquest Black Lab) subwoofer cables to connect the subwoofer preouts on my Onkyo AV receiver to the pair of (active) SVS subwoofers that I own. Since the pair of old RCA cables (RCA male to RCA male) connecting the front main speaker preouts to the pair of...
  2. Car Audio, Video, and Nav
    I have installed an upgraded sound system into a vintage car. It includes a Rockville subwoofer. Right from the start I noticed a distinct "thump" in the subwoofer whenever I put my foot on or off the gas pedal. After weeks of checking grounds and isolating power feeds the problem was traced to...
  3. Home A/V Distribution
    I hope that someone here can help. I was messing with my vcr recently and noticed that the rca output is broken. Sound comes from the right channel, but not the left. I'm wondering if it's possible to use a coax splitter to have one cable to the to tv for the video and one cable, using a coax...
  4. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi All, I hope I'm not posting to the wrong forum. If I am, please advise me to the best category to post my question. I have this generic 7" LCD TV for a few years and finally found a place to use it. To make a clean look I wanted to have a custom cable made. I've made a few in the past, but...
  5. Soundbars
    Hi all, I recently got given a gift of a LG Soundbar NB2020A The soundbar has only an optical input, but my TV does not have an optical output - only RCA. I bought a converter to convert the RCA sound to the toslink digital output on Ali Express - I can't post a link here as I don't have...
  6. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    want to buy VSX-323-K model, but my concern is that can I provide input audio from another room(away from 30feet) by coaxial cable (or only RCA audio cable required). 2nd, for output can I use coaxial cable (30 feet) for bathroom (without amplifier) without any qauality comromize.
1-6 of 6 Results