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  1. Remote Control Area
     Hello! First post here, need some help. My original YSP remote is broken For some reason, I am really struggling to get my RCRP05B working with my old YSP-1100 receiver. I seem to be able to get it to learn Vol+/Vol- button from my YSP remote, but I cannot get it to learn any other functions...
  2. Remote Control Area
    Can the RCA RCRP05B learn activitys from a Harmony I am having diffuaculty w/ programming sequences to the RCA So can the RCA learn activitys from a Harmony? Thanks
  3. Remote Control Area
    Hello, I will have my AV equipment hidden and I am considering the Harmony Smart Control, but I am not sure how much I can do with just the included remote. I have an android phone, but I would prefer not to use it as a remote, or to use it only occasionally. (I know that the Ultimate would...
  4. Remote Control Area
    I have a RCA RCRP05B remote and I am trying to program it to control a new HTIB (Blu Ray and Audio combo). It worked on my previous HTIB, but this is a different brand. The HTIB is Sony BDV-E390. None of the Sony codes I've tried so far are working. The search code function isn't working...
  5. Remote Control Area
    I've had an RCA RCRP05BR universal remote for about 3 months and it has worked perfectly . . . until a couple of days ago. I have a simple set-up with a TV and a DVD Recorder only. No cable box or anything else. All of a sudden two days ago, when I am at the Timer Recording screen for the DVD...
  6. Remote Control Area
    I have an older Marantz sr5300. My remote recently broke. Now I can't control many of my settings. I was wondering if there is another remote out there that will some what control my 5300. I would really rather not pay 75 dollars for a new remote. Thanks for your help.
1-6 of 6 Results