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  1. Remote Control Area
    Hi Everyone, does anybody know the code I can use with my Directv remote (RC32, RC65) to communicate with my Ortek/Adesso IR reciever ? Thanks!!
  2. Remote Control Area
    I have gradually been building items in my living room. I have: Samsung rear projection TV Sony Smart Blu-ray Apple TV NAD receiver Comcast cable (never use) My wife and kids started with using the tv for sound and the blu-ray for netflix, etc. I am trying to get them onto the apple tv...
  3. Remote Control Area
     I need a remote control to control a Charter TV cable box, Insignia TV, and a Sony BluRay Player...so I don't need anything too fancy.   Now, the problem comes when I try to find one simple, inexpensive, but also has the capability of being programmed to press one button and having it turn...
  4. Remote Control Area
    I'm looking for a very low cost remote for basic needs. Honestly just about anything would do, but if I have more needs out of it in the future, that could be nice. I really only want to spend $30 max. I was looking at the URC WR7 on Amazon for $25. Should I go with that, or are there...
  5. Remote Control Area
    I have several Insteon plugin modules and outlets around my theatre room. I have a Sony RM-VLZ620 universal remote. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-RMVLZ620-Universal-Remote-Control/dp/B00385XUG0/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1388346216&sr=1-1&keywords=sony+vz620 I purchased the Ir Linc...
  6. Remote Control Area
    I have a URC-9910b remote that is JP1 capable. Soon it's due for a replacement. I'm inquiring if newer remotes are JP1 compatible or if there is a means of backing up remote settings? I like the URC-RF40 but not sure if it's JP1. Thanks for your support.
  7. Remote Control Area
    After much searching I figured I'd ask the experts. My remote (RC-R0800) for my Kenwood receiver (KV R8050) was destroyed and I have been desperately trying to find a replacement. I contacted Kenwood but all they could tell me was that the remote is no longer produced, which I already knew...
  8. Remote Control Area
    I have a Toshiba thearterwide hd tv, Sony bluray, sony dvd/vhs combo, & Pioneer sound system. Only for movies,music, etc (dont watch cable/tv) - I am missing the remote for the bluray & am looking for a universal remote that will be compatible with all.
  9. Remote Control Area
    Hi, I want an RF universal remote. It will be used for an a/v receiver and a cable TV box (both will be in a closet). Budget is max 100$ and I was thinking about the Universal Remote RF-20...
  10. Remote Control Area
    I believe my Harmony 700 remote mite be on it's way out so I like to be prepared w/ a secondary remote. don't want to get to involved I allready have the RCA programmed for the TV,DVR and AVR is it possiable to enter a code for window 7 media center and point the RCA at the HP IR reciever to...
  11. Remote Control Area
    I am currently using the PHILIPS SRP5107WM and i really like it. I want something that looks the closest possible like this remote (picture included at the end of the post) The reason why i'm upgrading: with my old onkyo receiver, the receiver turned off at the same time i closed my TV. But...
  12. Remote Control Area
    Looking for a new remote to control 5 devices. I was leaning towards the Harmony 700, but it appears that it's missing a few buttons used for a Dish Network STB. Like Watch Live TV, DVR, and Search. Are there any other remotes that work well with the Dish?
  13. Remote Control Area
    Seriously, I've been reading about universal remote controls for hours here (including the great FAQ thread by briansj), and I still don't really understand what I need. I'm leaning toward Logitech only because my brother has one. He thinks I can get by with one of the basic models, but after...
  14. Remote Control Area
    I have A Ceton Echo and need a new WMC remote. I want one that will also run my LG TV. Just need power and volume control for the TV. Are there any WMC remotes that "learn"? Something inexpensive which rules out Logitech. Thanks
1-15 of 15 Results