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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    So I have a Onkyo receiver (TX-NR787) and it comes with AccuEQ for the auto setup. I heard mixed things on AccuEQ, but nonetheless I set up the home theater with it. I have a 7.1.2 system and my center is a Klipsch R-25C speaker. When I run the auto-cal, it gets all my speakers somewhat right in...
  2. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    WELCOME TO THE AUDYSSEY FAQ AND 'AUDYSSEY 101'! To get started, please choose from one of the following 3 options : 1. Click Here To Go Directly To The FAQ Questions And Answers. Links are highlighted in a different colour to the rest of the text. Clicking on any Question takes...
  3. Speakers
    I'll be soon setting up my first 5.1 system with Polk speakers, Monolith sub, and Danon x3500H, any advice on standard steps that I should follow to set up this properly? Are there any best practices for setting this up? Are the any specific settings to look out for? I'm asking because I heard...
  4. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    Hi, I am planning to install the speakers in my house and I might need some help in deciding what and how I need to do that. I have a Living area with 5.1 ( Pre wired) I have 2 speakers in my kitchen( pre wired and also there is a slot on the wall for the controller) I have 2 speakers in my...
  5. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Sony introduced the STR-DN1080 AVR 7.2-channel AV receiver with immersive-audio capabilities at CES. Now, the company has announced its pricing and availability. CHECK PRICE We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in this article. Learn more about how this works here.
1-5 of 5 Results