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  1. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hello Folks, There are some music channels on my cable tv. No video other than a static picture. One of the music channels has music from the 50's and 60's that I would like to record and play on the radio/DVD in my car. Can this be done? Harry
  2. Headphones
    I have been arguing with some friends about the way my Urbanears Zinken could be used as a pair of microphones. After I have inserted my amplifier aux-in cable into one of the headphone holes (another input) and after I have powered the amp, I was able to hear on the speakers what I was saying...
  3. DVD Recorders (Standard Def)
    I need a DVD recorder suggestion please So we finally upgraded our 10 year old kid hauler and thisone has DVD players in the head rests (Ford factory players). Each screen is its own separate player, youpush a button, screen flips up you insert DVD. So now I need some DVD’s. What I...
  4. HDTV Recorders
    Hi,please help me on this.. I want to record one channel while watching another. I searched on the internet and now I know that there are DVD recorders with twin tuners, TVs with twin tuners etc. there are TVs with twin tuners and you can record one channel while watching another on a HDD that...
1-4 of 4 Results