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  1. Speakers
    Hey everyone, looking to start a new home theater set up. Budget: $2,000 LCR + Sub (may push to 3k) Also please send me any dealer contacts you know of Room: 9 feet ceiling height 12-12.5' viewing distance Primary listening area: 13.5' width (tv wall) x 14' long Room: Rectangular, includes...
  2. Speakers
    So I'm moving out of my apartment to my first home. Living room is open concept and is 17x20. It then connects with no walls to dining room/kitchen which is roughly the same size. 2 story with high ceilings. My current 3 kef q150s and sb1000 isn't going to do it. I will be subgrading to hsu or...
  3. Speakers
    Digesting a lot of info these days on going from a Heritage setup in my theater and thought I'd test the waters here for some additional input (thanks in advance!). Running a 7.1 setup with front projection using a set of upgraded Klipsch Fortes (Crites crossovers...RIP Bob) as L/R and a...
  4. Speakers
    New member to the forum here and relatively new to home audio in general, but I've attempted to do my research. I have a small family room / home theater that I am looking to do surround sound in. The room is only 12' wide x 13'6" deep, so it's far from ideal but it is what it is. The room has...
  5. Speakers
    Hi all, looking for some advice/feedback. I am in the process of building a small home theater. The room is 13' wide by 17' long. The ceiling height is 8'9" except for a small section where there is a soffit which brings the height to 7'11". The plan is to do a 7.2.4 setup. I will have an...
  6. Speakers
    I've been doing a little dreaming/planning for a theater build sometime over the next decade, and I have a general question regarding speakers. I've researched endlessly, but can't seem to find the exact answer, so here goes.. I'm looking at 2 speakers and can't understand the differences. The...
  7. Speakers
    I am looking for advice on in-wall speaker selection for a surround system. I plan to use the room about 75% for music (classic and rock) and 25% for movies. I don't have a need to play anything extremely loud. I would prefer neutral speakers that don't color the music one way or another. I...
  8. Speakers
    TL;DR - Need recommendations for speakers for 2-channel music for a small room Few other details - 1. Anticipated usage (80% music vs 20% HT) Classic Rock / Alternative / Pop / Instrumental 2. Listening Distance (12") & Room dimensions (14" by 7.7") 3. Loudness preferences? Max of 75db...
  9. Speakers
    Hey all, recently got a pair of Revel F36s with the matching center. Loving them so far! I currently have the surrounds from my previous setup (Polk FXI A6). Can anyone recommend dipoles that are a closer match to the f36 fronts?
  10. Speakers
    Hello, I would greatly appreciate feedback on a speaker upgrade decision: I recently bought an NAD T 758 v3i that I'm running through a pair of Infinity Reference 253s that I bought for an insanely low price. I'd like to move the R253s to surround speakers and upgrade the fronts. My focus is...
  11. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hi, so I'm looking to finally add a subwoofer to my existing 5.0 system but I'm unsure as to how the connections will run so I'm looking for a little help. I currently have a Revel Performa3 system (2xF206 fronts, 2xM105 rears, C205 center), Denon x4200w AVR with the two front towers running...
  12. Speakers
    We're redoing on our basement and we have a large open room with a ceiling-retractable projector screen in front of a large couch (see pic). Primary use case will be TV and movies. We're looking to put in-wall speakers for LCR and in-ceiling speakers for the rears (the R/S is because the...
  13. Audio Gear
    Selling one pair of brand new, unopened, factory sealed Revel F206 speakers in white finish. $2200 + shipping.
  14. Audio Gear
    No longer for sale/available.
  15. Audio Gear
    One pair of Revel M105s in white finish. Excellent condition. Original packaging. $900 shipped conus
  16. Audio Gear
    FS: NIB Pair Revel F206 Walnut ****SOLD***** Selling one pair of brand new, unopened, factory sealed Revel F206 speakers in walnut finish. $2200 + shipping.
  17. Audio Gear
    FS: NIB Pair Revel F206 White $2799 shipped ***SOLD*** Selling one pair of brand new, unopened, factory sealed Revel F206 speakers in piano white finish. Shipping is free only to contiguous United States.
  18. Speakers
    Hey all, Am building a home theater and its finally in its final stage :D Have budget left for either 2 nos of Revel C763L or 4 nos of Revel C383 for Atmos Speakers. So please advice me regarding which option to go for Atmos, 2 good speakers or 4 medium speakers. Thanks, Pras
  19. Speakers
    Harman booth tours are always a highlight of CEDIA. The company's broad array of high-performance audio products are consistent ear-pleasers that deliver engaging audio while remaining grounded in sound science. Highlights at the booth include the L100 Classic, new subs from Revel, JBL...
  20. Speakers
    Here's the tl;dr version: What's the better use of my money. Get new amps to drive my current 4ohm Linn system or spend probably less money and change to an all Revel 8ohm system? My current system is: Pioneer Elite SC-35 Fronts: Linn Ninkas Center: Linn Trikan Rears: Linn Katans Sub: Revel...
1-20 of 48 Results