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  1. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Unlike some, I don't really lean towards the endless upgrade gerbil wheel end of the HT/Audio spectrum. I bought (and had some great help, which wasn't optional with this pair of high-mass 15" subs) and installed a pair of what I hoped were "final frontier" subs at the time, which was a couple...
  2. Audio Gear
    Looking for 15 or 18" HSU or Rhytmik Subwoofer in the Dallas Forth Worth Area
  3. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Howdy! Looking to upgrade my current Martin Logan Dynamo 700 (even the SO thinks an upgrade is needed!). Searching around has me more confused than ever :) . I'm looking to stay below $1500 currently for a single sub, with adding a second down the line. It will be going into the living room...
  4. Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    I love the sound and WAF of this subs but not the price, looking for the closest approximation. Any suggestions?
  5. Speakers
    I have been reading threads for the past couple of months. After running into analysis parlysis researching the topic, I believe I have finally settled on a setup. By way of background, I am looking to stay under $3K. I purchased a Denon X2000 a few months ago when they were clearing stock...
  6. Speakers
    I'm finishing building a home theater and am starting to listen to speakers. I currently like the CM10's and the Revel F208's. (I can buy the F208's used for $3500). That said, my ears slightly preferred the low and mids on the CM10's, but the bass is amazing on the F208. I found my...
1-6 of 6 Results