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ribbon tweeter
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  1. Speakers
    I am in the market for speakers/bookshelf speakers (building a new 2.0 system with not more than US 1,200 to 1,500 budget). Which brand do you think has the best tweeters (brightness, detail, clarity, brightness...etc.)? Thank you.
  2. Speakers
    Hi All, The upgrade bug has hit me sooner than I expected. Few days back, I came across Quad S1 bookshelves with ribbon tweeters and I am absolutely blown away. I want to buy them desperately. I understand I would need a matching centre as well. Currently I have KEF Q600 (along with KEF Q150...
  3. Speakers
    My wife & I auditioned bookshelf speakers recently. We're building a new home and are looking to upgrade our current 5.1 Def Tech 600 HT system so our baseline isn't too high. New space is 14x14x9 room, 80% movies/TV and 20% soft rock. The limited auditioning leads us to prefer the "softer...
1-3 of 3 Results