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  1. Audio Gear
    Hello, I'm selling my pair of Klipsch RP-280F towers and an RP-450C center. I bought them a little over a year ago (late 2019) and have taken very good care of them. There is a small dent on the stand of one of the towers(pictured below), but there are practically no visible marks or blemishes...
  2. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hello Folks, Have been struggling with a curious case -- hope some of you can shed some light and help. I recently brought my almost 10 year old Pioneer VSX-9040THX (7.1 AVR) out from retirement in the hope of dedicated stereo listening. So went ahead and got a pair of Klipsch RP-280F to...
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    So I've recently purchased a pair of Klipsch Rp-280f - 150W towers. I'm not left with the fun job of trying to decide what i need to power them. I typically 50/50 with movies and music. I've heard that most lower/mid end AV receivers don't do the best job for accurately reproducing music but are...
  4. Speakers
    The 2015 holiday shopping season is upon us, and new speakers are sure to be on many AV enthusiasts' wish lists. Here are several speaker systems that recently impressed me with their fidelity as well as the value they represent. Powered Bookshelf If you have limited space for a speaker...
  5. Audio Gear
    klipsch RP-280F(Pair), RP-450C, Rythmik FV15HP sub, wires & receiver ___
  6. Speakers
    Klipsch is one of the best-known speaker brands in the US and is virtually synonymous with horn-loaded designs intended for home use. The company's signature Klipsch orn speaker has been in continuous production for 69 years, a world record. Klipsch is also a major player in the...
1-6 of 6 Results