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  1. Speakers
    Hi all, I have these speakers as my front stage and I'm trying to describe the sound I'm hearing in some of my movies. I don't think its distortion because I have an Emotiva 7x200 watt amp and I have the volume on my Denon AVR set to about -16 on average. I'm pretty sure the speakers should be...
  2. Audio Gear
    Hello, I'm selling my pair of Klipsch RP-280F towers and an RP-450C center. I bought them a little over a year ago (late 2019) and have taken very good care of them. There is a small dent on the stand of one of the towers(pictured below), but there are practically no visible marks or blemishes...
  3. Audio Gear
    Perfect 99% Condition, No issues, No Dings, Bought a few months ago NEW! Original box center channel only and any/all accessories included just like NEW! Location: Houston TX, Cash/Local sale (1) Klipsch RP-450C (Ebony) & (2) Klipsch (Ebony) RP-160M FS: $625 OBO! ***48% off MSRP...
  4. Audio Gear
    klipsch RP-280F(Pair), RP-450C, Rythmik FV15HP sub, wires & receiver ___
1-4 of 4 Results