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  1. Home A/V Distribution
    Hello - this is my first post here, have read many a thread and have always gotten ideas or answers without needing to post. I have moved into a former model home. The home has the Russound A-Bus A-H484. We have speakers and A-KP2 Keypads in each of the 4 rooms. The master bedroom has the...
  2. Home A/V Distribution
    Hi all, I have an ABUS system installed and have an issue that has arisen... My system is set up with the 4 keypads with CAT5 connections terminating in the structured cabling box in the basement (GreyFox 4 zone distribution module) - in my living room i have a small black box (singleR/W...
  3. Home A/V Distribution
    Hi, I have an old (7 years or so) Russound A-bus system distributing audio throughout my home. Its time to upgrade...can anyone walk me through why I would go with control4 or sonos over just upgrading my Russound? Current equipment: In-ceiling speakers, russound a-bus
  4. Home A/V Distribution
    Years ago, a contractor requested I specifically prewire for a M&S XDM4600 system. I have to admit, I remember liking the idea of an A-bus type system that muted the audio and produced a chime tone over the system when visitors rang the door bell. That and also allowed communications from each...
  5. Home A/V Distribution
    I am moving in to a new home and he has a Russound A-bus system installed. I will attach pictures below but wanted to know if I can but the power supply any place locally or one that is compatible? I am really wanting to use this system when I move in. Thanks in advance I also am looking to...
  6. Home A/V Distribution
    Hi all, I have a need for some expert input. I have a A-H484 hub with all eight keypad ports used. One of the ports is connected to my porch area A-KP2 keypad. This cabling was run before the construction was complete. There is no practical way to run new cabling from the hub area to the...
1-6 of 6 Results