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  1. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    My PN50C6400 has developed an intermitant problem where a blue bar is shown on the screen running top to bottom. The bar always appears in the same spot on the screen. For the most part, power cycling the set "fixes" the problem, but it returns several minutes later. Any insight to the cause...
  2. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    I'm 7 days past my extended warranty through Visa and I now notice two vertical lines on my Samsung. Does anyone know of a fix for this?
  3. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    Hey guys I picked up PN50C6400 floor model from best buy yest. got a really good deal. i actually went in to buy LED but was impressed with the image quality even with the all those store lighting on it. got it home and started playing around with it . i noticed 2 issues with it. i am not...
1-3 of 3 Results