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  1. Home Theater In A Box
    Hi everyone. I'm having a really frustrating problem with my Samsung 5.1 blu-ray home theatre system (ht-e5500 model). The ht, hooked up to my samsung HDTV and speakers, has been working fine for six months. But since yesterday it has started randomly cycling through input sources, as if...
  2. Blu-ray Players
    Hello i need some help before buying home theater, the model is samsung ht-e5550 and i have samsung es6100 led tv, that bluray home theater have 2 hdmi inputs, so my question is what are they for because i intend connect br player and led tv with pc and xbox to hear that 5.1 sound, so my...
  3. Home Theater In A Box
    Hi, I am planning to buy samsung ht-f5500w/za. I would like to have a look at few reviews before i finalize my decision. To my surprise, I could not find any reviews (user reviews or official reviews) in net. Please let me know your experience with this system if you own one or guide me where...
1-3 of 3 Results